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Maryland Senate GOP Slate

The Maryland Senate GOP Slate

Welcome to the Maryland Senate GOP Slate website.  We have added a number of new features including a newsletter, calendar, and weekly updates about the 2012 legislative session.  Please check back frequently and share information from our website with your family, friends, and coworkers.

Find Your Senator:

Follow this link to  Insert your street address and city to find your Delegate(s) and Senator.

Latest News

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE O’MALLEY SCRAMBLING TO PASS GAMBLING EXPANSION IN SPECIAL SESSION “Governor O’Malley’s obvious inability to lead the effort to expand gambling and get General Assembly approval on lowering the 67% state tax rate on casino owners  has creat...
Republican lawmakers again get high grades from business group "Republican members of the Maryland General Assembly, as usual, got A-pluses from Maryland Business for Responsive Governme...
by Annie Linskey 12:35 p.m. EDT, July 1, 2012 A Republican-led effort to overturn Maryland's new Congressional map has theoretically turned in enough signatures to trigger a state-wide referendum, but the margin is so tight that it is still unclear if the issue will go to voters. The grou...
Steve Adler, Senator Marty Madden, Senator and Mrs. Allan Kittleman, Delegate Gail Bates, Delegate Warren Miller, Ellen Sauerbrey, and National Committeeman Louis Pope Cordially Invite You To A Fundraiser In Honor of Senator Nancy Jacobs Candidate For Congress in Congressional District 2 JUNE 28...